Jason Branaghan Consorti


I've created a page relating my experience during the September 11th attacks.


My blog, Graying Matter is up and running.  It features some Unix tech tidbits and some political commentary. 

  Veritas Volume Manager Command Reference steps (for reference only).

Veritas Netbackup Manual Restore steps (for reference only).

How To Deploy SpamAssasin, .

      A great Solaris Tuning Doc


My public GPG key is available for download. 



Libertarian or Anarcho-Capitalist Links

Neil Boortz's radio show with daily notes.

Cato Institute's home page.

Self Gov home page.

Free Nation home page (discusses setting up a libertarian homeland).

Charlton Heston's speech about PC.

The Republican Liberty Caucus old and seemingly dead home page.

David D. Friedman's Libertarian Writings including a response to Mike Huben's "Non-Libertarian FAQ"

Read Joseph Sobran's piece Slavery, No; Secession, Yes.

There is a sizeable amount of information on Anarcho-Capitalism at Libertarian.nl

Anti-State is an anarcho-capitalist publication

Another private law link.

A solid private lawarticle from George Mason University.