Veritas Volume Manager Command Line Reference
Purpose Command Example
Display DG vxdg vxdg -g GROUP free
(in 512-byte blocks)

Display General vxprint vxprint -ht

Make File for a vxmake vxprint -hmvps > filename

Do the make from cat filename | vxprint -D - -hmvps | vxmake
file (don't
forget to start
the volumes afterwards)

Bring under VX vxdiskadd vxdiskadd c1t0d0
(new DG)

Offline disk vxdisk offline vxdisk offline c1t0d0s2

Remove disk vxdg vxdg -g GROUP rmdisk disk01
from DG

Remove disk vxdisk rm vxdisk rm c1t0d0s2
from VM

Add Hot Spare vxedit vxedit set spare=on disk01

Rename vxedit vxedit rename OLD NEW

Move DG vxdg import/export vxdg -tC import datadg
(Start vols vxrecover -g GROUP -ab)

Create Concat VOL vxassist make VOLNAME LENGTH [DISKS]
vxassist make sybproc 10m
OR vxassist make sybproc 10m disk02

Create Stripe vxassist make VOLNAME LENGTH layout=stripe [DISKS]
vxassist make sybproc 10m disk01 disk02

Create RAID-5 vxassist make VOLNAME LENGTH laout=raid5 [DISKS]

Remove VOL vxvol stop;vxedit -rf rm VOLNAME

Mirror VOL vxassist make VOLNAME LENGTH layout=mirror[,log]
(NOTE: name the
disks at the end?)

Mirror Existing vxassist mirror VOLNAME

Add RAID-5, vxassist addlog VOLNAME
DRL log

Remove Mirror, vxplex -o rm dis PLEXNAME

Make Snapshot vxassist snapstart VOLNAME;
for Backup vxassist snapshot VOLNAME NEWVOLNAME

Start Menu Interface vxdisadm

Change disk group name vxdisk -s list
of disk group from get the "dgid" of the disk group
another host (usefull vxdg -C -n NEWDGNAME import DGID
if moved to new host
that already has a
disk group of the same